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Non alcoholic ORGANIC Cabernet - 9.3 fl oz. / 27.5 cl
Non alcoholic ORGANIC Cabernet - 9.3 fl oz. / 27.5 cl


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Non alcoholic ORGANIC Cabernet - 9.3 fl oz. / 27.5 cl
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Our juices are made from vine grapes 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Our juices are made the same way as great Bordeaux wines. The wine growers who are making our juices are also making great Bordeaux wines. All the grapes are from old vines, low grape productions per vineyard, in organic culture.

The method of elaboration is completly different from classical grape juices made from concentrates. We choose our grapes from artisanal wine-makers.

It is important also to know that our juices contain 3 times less calories than aperitives made from fortified wines, and about 20% less calories than red wines. Therefore, our juices are alternatives for pregrant women, mothers breastfeeding their child, diabetics or simply for those who need to drive during a celebration.

Product organically grown - certified by ECOCERT SAS F32600

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