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Non alcoholic ORGANIC Cabernet - 9.3 fl oz. / 27.5 cl
Non alcoholic ORGANIC Cabernet - 9.3 fl oz. / 27.5 cl


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Selling Conditions


The commercial site is an electronic trade site accessible by Internet network, opened to any user of this network.
It is published by the society SECRET DES TRADITIONS® SARL, whose registered office is at Rte des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France , registered at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Die under the number 402 081 871.

The selling conditions described below apply themselves exclusively to commercial transactions between the seller : SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – Route des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France and the buyer (yourself), via this website : for the online sale of artisanal and natural products.

The seller can change the current conditions at any time with the reserve of adding them to this website.

The purchaser or buyer adheres at the selling conditions without restrictions simply by placing an order on the

The buyer can consult simply, freely and at any time the selling conditions by clicking on the link "Selling Conditions".


Many ways of ordering are proposed by SECRET DES TRADITIONS®.

Payment by banking cards(accepted cards : BLUE card,VISA, MASTERCARD, and AURORE).
To confirm the order you have in « Your basket », you need to have an « account » or to create one. For this, click on « My account » at the right top of the page. On the page, you can create a new account and register your address. Otherwise, you need to identify yourself to connect to your personal account and confirm your order.

- FAX ORDERS : (33) 04 75 40 39 83
Payment by bank credit card (Accepted cards : BLUE card, VISA, MASTERCARD and AURORE).
Proceed to your order online normally and print the full order. Fax it to the number over and fill the fields corresponding to the payment via credit card and sign at the appropriated place.

Payment by check or bank credit card (Accepted cards : BLUE card, VISA, MASTERCARD and AURORE).

Proceed to your order online normally and print the full order. Send it with the payment in an envelope to : SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – Route des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France.
If you pay by credit card, note well the number and do not forget to sign at the appropriated place. Make your checks to SECRET DES TRADITIONS®.
Do not send bills.

- PHONE ORDERS : (33) 04 75 81 00 01
Payment by check by writing on you check the order number that we will give you.
You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5:30pm.
Think about your order before calling.
Payment via mail to SECRET DES TRADITIONS®.

Before ordering, you recognize knowing these selling conditions and you declare agreeing with them as soon as your check the box « I agree with the Selling conditions without any restrictions ».


Our shipping delay is, generally, of 5 to 7 open days. Our orders are shipped by postal ways with Colissimo suivi, Colissimo suivi Europe or by the shipping company specialized for large volumes. The parcels are given to the recipients against signature.
For the orders shipped via postal ways, you will have the possibility, with the parcel number that we will give you once your order has been registered, to follow your parcel in real time over the website
If you are not present at the moment of the delivery, the postman will leave you a form in your letter-box, so that you can withdraw your parcel in your post office.

In the cases of delivery per specialized conveyor, and in the event of absence, the deliveryman will leave you a transit advice note in order to agree with you on one day of re-delivery
In the possibility where you would not withdraw your parcel within the times indicated by the mail service or that you do not take action on the transit advice note of the conveyor, the contractual expenses of delivery would be charged to you and the remainder corresponding to the ordered products would be refunded to you according to following methods: recreditation of your account or the sending of a cheque of refunding.

SECRET DES TRADITIONS® do everything possible to respect the delivery periods for the products than you order. However, going beyond of the delivery periods cannot give place to damages, reserves or cancellation of order.
However, in case of no shiping, of major problems, in a delay of thirty days starting at the registration moment, the purchaser can cancel its order.
In those cases, SECRET DES TRADITIONS® will repay the perceived payment, except for any allowance or damages claimed by the purchaser.
Will be considered as major problems fire, strike, accident or failure by a supplier of SECRET DES TRADITIONS®. In any assumption, the delivery within the deadlines supposes that the purchaser is up to date of his obligations in regard of SECRET DES TRADITIONS®.

We can deliver your order within the entire European Union territory, including Switzerland. A participation for the port fees specific to your geographic zone will be asked.


The payment is exigible at the same time as your order to validate it.

- SECURITY. The payment by credit card is totally safe, this site profits from a system of protected payment. Your credit card number, validation date and visual cryptogram are automatically encrypted before being sent to the payment network via an established link in HTTPS, with SSL securized protocole. Those informations are not readable during their transfert via Internet, they are not stocked and never transit via the SECRET DES TRADITIONS website.No one can use them without your authorization: the payment by credit card is totally secure.

At the moment of paying online, you can verify that you are in a securized mode by seeing a padock at the bottom of your browser and also by the address of the website which is starting by https://.

Since those informations are not stocked in our server, you will need to recommunicate all your banking information every time you pass an order. If you do not wish to communicate those informations; you can pay us by check to LE SECRET DES TRADITIONS®. In this case, you will add to your check your identification and order number which are going to be given to you by LE SECRET DES TRADITIONS® after the registration of the order.

- PAYMENT BY BANK CREDIT CARD (securized payment). We accept payments by Blue Card, Visa and Mastercard. For fax and mailing order, do not forget to sign the order slip at the marked place.

- PAYMENT BY POSTAL OR BANK CHECK Add you check to your order slip via mail. Your order will be treated when we will receive the check, which can extend the delivery delay.

- PAYMENT BY SWIFT TRANSFER. on our bank account : IBAN: FR76-1027-8089-3100-0203-0010-140 BIC/SWIFT: CMCIFR2A CCM CREST 8 RUE ARISTIDE DUMONT 26400 CREST

- CONFIDENTIALITY – Every personal data given by the purchaser to the seller is strictly used to treat the order.

The website was subject to a declaration of the automated treatments in the framework of Internet website at the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (C. N. I. L.) in application of the articles 15 et 16 of the law 78-17 of the January 6th 1978 relative of the computers, files and liberties. The purchaser has the access to its data and has the right to modify them. To apply to right, the purchaser must right at :
SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – Route des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France
Our Internet Website knows automatically the internet provider and, when possible, the email of the users visiting the site. We are centralizing the providers for statistical purpuses. We use those informations to improve the information you can find on this website.
We keep the information you give us, except the banking numbers, under a computerized form. You can, under the law stated earlier, change those data.
If you do not want to receive emails or mails from us, or if you do not want your information to be transmitted to a third party, please tell us at :


• By phone : 04 75 81 00 01 (Monday to Friday, between 9am to 12am and 2pm to 5:30pm GMT+1)
• By Fax : 04 75 40 39 83
• By mail :
SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – Route des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France
• By e-mail :

Our councellors are there to help you pick the products which are the best for you and to answer your questions.Do not hesitate to contact them.

We do what we can to insure the disponibility of your products. When a product is not in stock, the amount will be deducted from your account automatically and you will be able to pass a new order when the product will be in stock. We will warn you when this happen.
If yousent a check, we will recontact you to find a solution on how to pay back the missing product (partial refund or check return).

The products SECRET DES TRADITIONS® are guarantee against any fabrication of material default for a period of a month starting at the moment of delivery except for the products of the collection « Equipment » for which a year guarantee is applied. With this guarantee, the only obligation of SECRET DES TRADITIONS® is to replace the defect product via its services, other than all damages or allowances. The handling fees will be under the charge of SECRET DES TRADITIONS®.
We remind you that the products of SECRET DES TRADITIONS® needs to be kept away of humidity, high temperature and intense light. We exclude from the guarantee any product which are not going to be stucked under those conditions.

We wish your entier satisfaction when you order products from us.
According to the law of the January 6th 1988, you have a delay of seven days starting at delivery to return and exchange your products.
If you decide to use this right in the delay of seven days, SECRET DES TRADITIONS® needs to refund you the full amount you paid for these products, without penalty, except for handling port fees.
After this period, any return of products, in terms of the guarantee, an amicable settlement of a complaint or any other considerations, will have to be the subject of a mutual agreement between the purchaser and SECRET DES TRADITIONS®. This should profit to the purchaser. The handling fees will be at the charge of the purchaser, except if the return was made in the time of the guarantee.

The returned articles must be in their original packaging, without being used and with a copy of the bill and sent at: SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – Route des Moutiers – 26400 ALLEX – France.
In case of problems, contact the Custumer service at : (33) 04 75 81 00 01 to arrange the modalities of return or exchange.

If you wish to, we can, for an amount of 0.60€ per package gift, make a special arrangement with different types of box and with the specialities of your choice. For this service, contact the Custumer service at: (33) 04 75 81 00 01.


The activity of SECRET DES TRADITIONS® – DIDIER GOUBET PRODUCTIONS® SARL is subdued to the French law. The language of the current contract is english. Every problems between the purchaser and the seller is subdued to the exclusive competence of the French juridications and will be under the exclusive competence of the Tribunal de Commerce de DIE.

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